9 Teeth Traction Cleats for Hiking on Snow and Ice

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  • Pair of rugged traction Cleats for hiking or walking on ice and snow; fits securely over winter boots to reduce the risk of falls
  • Features full-sole coverage with cleats on heel and forefoot to maintain traction, without altering stride
  • Adjustable Sure-Fit binding system includes a series of hook-and-loop straps and contoured insole for a secure fit
  • Cleats are designed to stand up to all day use on anything from frozen streams to ungroomed trails; easy to put on and take off when the terrain changes
  • Size Small fits shoe sizes W 5-8, M 4-7; replaceable threaded traction Cleats are compatible with anti-spark brass cleats (sold separately); Made in the USA; Manufacturer’s 90-Day

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9 Teeth Traction Cleats for Hiking on Snow and Ice

DESIGNED FOR: Hikers who seek challenging terrain in all winter conditions.
This cleat combines lightweight thermoplastic with a rugged read pattern for optimum stability and traction. From crossing frozen streams to forging through un-groomed trails, experience a new found confidence in your every step.

Stay Up and Stay Out with Aggressive Cleats

Unique 9 spikes design, ergonomic plate system.
Provide better traction, more stability.
Excellent thermoplastic elastomer material, won’t tear or snap.
High quality stainless steel spikes, anti-abrasion.
Triangle spikes can dig into varieties terrain.
Easy to put on and off footwear.
Lightweight and portable.

  • Suitable not only for outdoor activities in snow and ice weather.
  • Like hiking, fishing, walking, climbing, hunting, trail running, etc, but also for the city during the snowy weather to use, like sanitation workers, couriers, porters, office workers,etc.
  • Reduce the risk of injury from slips and falls when walk on ice, snow, mud and wet grass or other poor conditions.


  • STABIL Traction System design and tread pattern delivers optimum stability and traction
  • Full-sole coverage with cleats on heel and forefoot maintain traction through natural stride
  • SureFit binding system and contoured insole provides a secure fit on all styles of winter boots
  • Durable Thermo Plastic Elastomer remains flexible in cold conditions
  • Made in Maine, USA

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