23 Spike Ice Cleat Snow Safety Traction Cleats

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Safe Traction on Ice and Snow – New 23-Spike Ice/Snow Safety Traction Cleats are made to keep you ultra safe on slippery surfaces like ice and snow with 23 individual spikes on each foot. Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast that enjoys ice fishing, hiking in the winter or climbing steep slipper surfaces.

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High Quality 201 Stainless Steel – To ensure the new Ice/Snow Cleats offer the very best quality we use the strongest and most durable materials available. Both the chain and spiked cleats are made of rust and abrasion resistant 201 Stainless-Steel. They provide excellent traction on a variety of slippery surfaces.

Easy And Comfortable To Wear – Each foot has 23 individual stainless-steel cleats that are positioned perfectly on the heal and fore foot so they are comfortable to wear even on hard surfaces. This perfect placement of each cleat will give you incredible confidence while walking or hiking so you can avoid serious injuries in case of a fall.Easy to put on&off with secure and adjustable straps. Simply use the Strap to keep the ice cleats accurately fixed to shoes. They are lightweight and portable, easy to carry. They are best for both man and women. You can use crampons for several kinds of sports. They are highly suitable for outdoor ice and snow, icy roads, ice driveway, ice mud, slanting terrain and ice-covered stones.

Flexible And Resilient Silicone Frame – The highly flexible and resilient silicone frame stretches easily to make placing them on boots easy. Silicone stays flexible down to -40 degrees and increases comfort while wearing them on all styles of boots. We’ve also included two, heavy duty tension straps to keep the silicone frame and cleats perfectly positioned on your boots for comfort and security.

Uni-Sex Sizes For Men’s & Women’s Boots – Available in three sizes – Medium, Large and X-Large will fit most boots from a women’s size 5 all the way to a men’s size 14. The highly flexible silicon frame and tension straps ensure a perfect fit. See the attached size chart for size selection. Includes a durable and lightweight storage bag.


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