Ice Snow Shoe Grips Coarse Sand Cleat Over Shoe Forefoot Double-Side Anti Slip Coarse Sand Outdoor Cleats Over Shoe

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The Ice Snow Shoe Grips is made of high elastic outer belt, which is suitable for all kinds of sports shoes, hiking shoes, hiking boots, etc.
Coarse Sand Crampons Over Shoe are available for shoes in sizes 35-43 with soles
Non-slip Snow Grips can reduce the risk of slipping or falling when walking on ice, snow, mud and wet grass or other places
The shoe grip is made of wear-resistant tensile rubber, and the bottom of the shoe cover is refined with strong coarse sand, which has good wear resistance
Coarse Sand Crampons Cleat Over Shoe can be easily and safely fixed on your own shoes or boots, not easy to fall off

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Double-side Anti Slip Coarse Sand Shoe Cover can provide good snow grip to ensure safety when walking in the snow. It is widely used for snow shoveling, hiking, jogging and dog walking. You can easily put them on your shoes and remove them in a few seconds.


Ice Snow Shoe Grips
-Color: Black.
-Material: Vietnam rubber,stainless steel teeth.
-Size: 26.5x9 cm/10.43x3.54 inch.
Shoe covers are available in sizes 35-43 with soles.

Package Including

1 Pair * Ice Snow Shoe Grips

Cold Resistant and Flexible Material: It is made of premium silicone, with high cold resistant elasticity, not easy to tear or break, and remain strong performance at -40°C.

Wide Range of Uses: Teenagers, adults, elderly people of any age, men and women of all ages, can use it. It can be used for sloping terrain, icy roads, muddy and wet grass, very suitable for trail running, hiking and ice fishing, dangerous sections of trails, etc.

Reminder: Floor tiles, cement, stone floors and smooth hard roads cannot be used. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always at your service.


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